Bioanalytical Systems (BAS) LC-4B Amperometric Detector *Used*

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Bioanalytical Systems (BAS) LC-4B Amperometric Detector *Used*

Includes power cord only. 

Designed for LC/EC, with high current sensitivity and offset. There are 2 channels available: the detector channel, 

which applies a potential and measures the current response, and the generator channel, which can apply a potential. 

The detector channel is used in all experiments, whereas the generator channel is only used in experiments in which 

analyte is electrolyzed before reaching the detector electrode.

• Amperometric Detector for Thin Layer Flow Cells - Specifically Designed for LC / EC

 Two Channels - Generator and Detector

 Generator - Conducts Redox Reactions at Upstream Electrode

 Detector - High Current Sensitivity, and Offset


Unit has been power on tested only. Case shows some wear. 

The rubber feet on the rear of the case are missing. Item is offered "As-Is".