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"Did you know that the global market for refurbished medical equipment reached $ 6.47 billion in 2016?”. In recent times, the cost of purchasing new, off-the-shelf medical equipment has steadily increased. The cost of medical equipment is skyrocketing steadily, but the health insurers are reimbursing at lower rates. Many large health systems to small private practitioners are looking to cut their costs by buying refurbished medical equipment as a way to lower their costs. However, before you decide to buy...
The recent introduction of a controversial new bill in California could point to a bright new start for consumers of used electronics.   A right to repair act could change the way electronic manufacturers share information about their products with both consumers and repair shops, with far reaching advantages down the line.   This new bill signals a potentially positive way forward with electronics repair, and it could make significant changes to the world’s e-waste issues. The bill could also...
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