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Although it is indeed quite tempting to own the latest in cell phone technology, buying a used cell phone comes with some strong pros that are hard to look away from.


Take price, for example. Have you looked at the prices of iPhone X lately? Way above the $1,000 range.


When you can have a used version of the latest generation of a company’s phone (working seamlessly, of course) at a fraction of its retail price, does it really matter that it is used?


Not to mention the fact that the longer you keep a smartphone in circulation, the more you help preserve the environment, given that a considerable number of cell phones end up in a landfill because somebody simply bought a new phone.


To get a better idea of why it is an excellent idea to own a used cell phone, take a look at some very interesting facts:

  1. Competitive price – The majority of pre-owned cell phones are, at least, 25% cheaper compared to the brand new model.
  2. Refurbished are your best deal – Opting for a refurbished phone means that you get yourself a phone that was returned to the manufacturer for some reason, got tested, fixed, certified, and, of course, factory reset. Plus, you are also provided with some kind of warranty. So, you basically buy a model that is like brand new.
  3. Economic aspects – Electronic devices, cell phones included, contain precious metals (i.e. gold and silver). It is estimated that Americans alone throw a total worth of around $60 million annually in gold and silver when they dump their cell phones. Let us also note that for every one million recycled cell phones, we can yield 35,000 pounds (lbs) of copper, 750 lbs of silver, 70 lbs of gold, and 50 lbs of palladium!
  4. Access to mobile devices vs access to electricity – Surprisingly enough, in some middle and low-income countries, people consider owning a mobile device is more important than having water to drink and electricity to power their homes. The availability of used cell phones gives them the chance to possess affordable, higher-end mobile devices. This enormous attachment to cell phones is also noted in developed countries like the USA.   
  5. EPA (the US Environmental Protection Agency) reports that the overwhelming majority of phones (90%) purchased in a single year are discarded without following proper disposal procedures.
  6. Cell phones contain nickel, lead, lithium, cadmium or other toxic materials. So, ditching them in a landfill allows these materials to contaminate not just the soil but also the air and water. As a result, every living creature of this planet is at risk of experiencing health-related and even life-threatening problems, from humans to birds and aquamarine life.
  7. If each one of us recycled the cell phones we no longer need or use, instead of throwing them away, we would save energy to provide electricity to more than 25,000 American households for 12 months.
  8. The Lithium-Ion battery of a single cell phone can contaminate up to 60,000 litres of water.
  9. Around 130 million mobile devices are discarded every year. Sadly, a profound 80% of them turn up in landfills instead of being correctly recycled or reused.
  10. Both recycling and refurbishing are processes that consume significantly fewer amounts of energy than manufacturing brand-new cell phones from brand-new materials. This allows us to preserve our natural resources, given that most electronic parts and equipment of cell phones can be easily recycled or reused for the recovery of materials.   
  11. Governments push retailers, carriers, and OEMs to come up with more efficient ways to recycle cell phones and reduce e-waste. This will drive more mobile devices into the secondary market.
  12. When you are about to purchase a used cell phone, it is advised to bring along a battery pack. If you don’t have one, you may use a laptop. And, don’t forget to bring a charging cable so you can inspect the used cell phone you are about to purchase. Also, have a set of headphones with you, as well as an active SIM card (one that is compatible with the used phone in question) and, if the phone supports it, a microSD card.    


With purchasing a used phone becoming as common as buying a used car, it is no wonder that the second-hand cell phone market is booming. Taking into account the global economic turbulence, for many people owning a used phone is their first and only option.


The good news is that you can now have the cell phone of your likes from your favorite brand at particularly affordable prices.


ExcessBid is a reseller of used electronics and surplus equipment. We sell and buy all kinds of excess inventory, from computers, motherboards and monitors to servers, phones and networking equipment. To learn more, contact one of our client solutions managers at (510) 226-0600. 

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