Medical or precision equipment is costly, making it hard for organizations with less budget to obtain high-quality equipment for their use. However, purchasing used medical equipment that has been refurbished can assist save money while offering patients excellent care and treatment options. If you are looking to buy used medical equipment, you should consider certain factors before considering a purchase.

  1. Make a checklist: Which patients do you have in general? What treatments are you going to handle? What equipment are you going to need and how many? Does the medical, test or lab equipment have to work with other facilities you already have? This may be a variable in finding used medical equipment.
  2. Item’s condition: Before even considering putting an offer, we advise you to ensure that the item is in good working condition and the seller lists all important details. Before buying an item, consider whether it can be tested for accuracy and cost. Often pricing on precision medical, lab and test, etc. can make you feel extremely excited and fortunate. That assumption could be risky, and the person would lose a lot of money on a raw deal. The buyer must do their due diligence and inspection equipment before finalizing the purchase. Please ensure if the equipment is safe to use. The buyer must do their due diligence and inspection equipment before finalizing the purchase. Please ensure if the equipment is safe to use.
  3. Can you handle the repairs: If you choose to buy equipment which is listed as “not working” you need to make a conscious decision whether to buy it or not? Is the piece you're watching in good condition? Does it need repairs? Always factor the time and cost of repairs in your decision to buy a piece of used medical equipment. If the piece needs repair, then it is something that can easily be done. Can you harvest the parts to repair existing equipment since often used equipment parts can keep an existing piece of equipment functioning well for many years to come? It is helpful to try to identify the availability of replacement parts for an item when buying it used. One should search online for replacement parts before buying or call a repair shop and ask about the item.
  4. Hygiene concern: While not applicable to all products, e.g. with some products like nebulizers, a buyer will want to ensure it is sterilized or can be sterilized before purchase. Alternatively, if it wasn't or can't be sterilized, one should think about how difficult it is to clean the item. Would disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly be difficult?
  5. Price: Check and compare prices for the equipment used on different sites before deciding to ensure that the description is properly scrutinized and all things like shipping, condition, accessories, etc. are kept in mind and then make an offer or make a purchase.
  6. Resell or return the item: Ask the seller about their return policy and charge a re-stock fee. Consider the options if the item cannot be returned.
  7. The credibility of the seller: Make sure you find out about the buyer's profile. How long are they on the market? How do they share the inventory? Are they transparent about the equipment description? Are they sharing enough photos? Do they have any negative advertising? Are they linked to registered networks?
  8. Online sellers: For an online purchase, the advertisement should contain several transparent unedited equipment photos. The customer should look for dings, scratches, and signs of harm or wear. The seller must reveal the equipment condition. If the data is inaccessible, the customer should contact the vendor and ask for details. Don't take the word from a seller who isn't upfront with you. Find out if they allow returns if they don't fulfill your requirements. Communication between customer and seller should be continuous, ensuring they solve any problems that may occur before the agreement is concluded.

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