When it comes to finding the right parts for your computer system, there are many options available. But which ones are the right ones for your wants and needs?


With years of experience and plenty of hands-on practice in building computers, our team has done it all and seen it all.


So let our experience go to work for you and make the process of finding the right used computer parts at a price you can afford less of a hassle.


This helpful guide is aimed at helping you make the smart choices that lead to you getting the best deal on the parts you want and need. So, without further ado, here are our primary tips for being successful with your first computer build project.


How Time of Year Affects Prices and Availability


The first thing to consider is the timing within the technology and computer markets to make sure you are buying at the right time. Just as there is the best time to find deals on school supplies or clothes, there is a better season for computer parts and accessories.


Most people say that some of the good times to buy your parts and accessories are on holidays such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday, which are known for their great discounts and deals.


Believe it or not, Father’s Day is also a good time, as is the back to school sales that many stores have for college students.


You’re a smart shopper, and the reason you’re looking for used electronics is because you can live with not having the most current hardware. So you probably guessed that another good time to buy is when a new series of processors or video cards come out.


Just like you can get good discounts on last year’s car model when the current year’s models roll out, the same is true for computers and accessories.


Shop Around and Be Patient


If you are looking to be as precise as possible in your search, you’re probably wondering if there is any sort of exact science to finding the best deals.


It depends on what you’re looking for and how much information you want and need before you decide to buy something.


For those who don’t mind waiting a while and want the clearest picture of pricing norms for a multitude of components, PCpartpicker is probably your best bet.


This site is popular among geeks who build their own computers and systems because it allows you to periodically check for price drops throughout the year.


For example, f you are searching for a 6th Generation Intel Core processor that is built for LGA 1151 motherboards, you could check the site and see that the price for the CPUs tend to stay pretty much the same most of the year, then dip in price slightly at the beginning of spring and then start to edge back up in December.


This type of information would help you know when to get the best price as well as help you budget your parts if you do end up having to buy something outside of its cheapest season.


Check out the many amazing listings on PCpartpicker as well as their blog and discussion forums for more insights about the best times to buy computer parts and how to hone in on the parts you want and need the most.


Planning and Research is Needed to Be Successful


Now that you have an idea of when you need to shop for your parts and accessories, you need to know what to look for when you’re trying to find used computer parts online and how to know when you have found the right part and a good deal.


From the motherboard and the CPU to the memory and the casing, there are many parts that have to be bought and assembled in order to build the computer that will meet your needs.


A lot of planning is involved and it is critical that you invest the time into this step. You need to know how much memory, processing speed, data conversion, and system power you will need and you also have to consider things like hardware and software needs, and audio, video and sound requirements.


There is a lot that goes into building a computer, not just in the labor of assembling it and making sure it runs. It can be a lengthy process just finding all the pieces you need.


It is worth noting that the general consensus among computer geeks and gurus is that if you are an average everyday computer user, then there might not be a real worthwhile advantage to building your own computer and it may be more costly and a hassle than it is ultimately worth.


However, big time PC gamers are frequently assembling their own computers still. For many, the process of building your own computer system is almost like a rite of passage that marks you as a true geek and nerd and it is still seen as a badge of honor within the geek community..


Bottom line: No matter why you’re interested in building your own computer, there are many things to think about as you go through the process. But there are a lot of opportunities with the used computer parts route. This guide was designed to help you make the smart choices that lead to you getting the best deal on the parts you want and need.


You might still have a lot more to learn, but building a computer is a process. One of the best ways to learn is to get out there and discover the ins and outs for yourself.