Refurbished medical equipment is a wise way to decrease costs if people know the smart way to buy. A company needs to define its needs before buying refurbished equipment. This way they are clear on their budget to spend rather than splurging on unnecessary items. “How can refurbished be as good as new?” we often hear people ask this to our customer success team. At Excessbid, we bring every minute detail of the device from the original manufacturer to a new buyer. Our skilled technicians focus on the performance and calibration of each device to ensure that all the devices pass through an electrical safety inspection. If you are considering buying refurbished medical equipment for your hospital, here are 5 reasons why this may be a good decision. Read on.


1) Budget Savings

Though this may be an obvious benefit, buying refurbished medical equipment helps a company save cost that can be used elsewhere. Market studies indicate that the cost of basic supplies and equipment exceeds the cost of inpatient care at hospitals and clinics. When it comes to the cost of allocating the spend for buying medical equipment, every dollar matters. Buying refurbished medical equipment is as good as new as long as you purchase it from a reputable reseller like Excessbid


2) Reliability

Considering buying refurbished medical equipment is wiser because the product has been used by multiple surgeons, doctors, and clinicians over a period of time. This assures the quality and safety of the product rather than buying a piece of new equipment. At Excessbid we sell a wide range of devices such as ultrasound equipment, medical pumps, respiratory equipment, cardiology equipment, exam room equipment, dental equipment, endoscopy equipment, etc. To browse through our devices available, you can click here


3) Approachable Customer Support

We have skilled and reliable customer support to assist you with your queries. Whether you need more information about a product that you are considering buying or assistance to find medical equipment, our customer is at your service. Customer service is the heart of our business and we strive to exceed your expectations by providing you hassle free customer experience. At Excessbid, there’s no risk involved, you only save on what you buy


4) Zero Waste Policy

According to the Zero Waste International Alliance and the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council, 90% of the e-waste can be avoided being sent to the landfills if people adopt the best recycling practices. We strive to keep electronics out of the landfills, any electronics that are no longer in a working condition are sent to Surplus Service - an award-winning e-waste recycling company in the Bay area for recycling or refurbishing process


5) Wide Range of Medical Equipment

A wide range of the latest medical equipment is available to diagnose your patients’ conditions accurately. All devices at Excessbid are meticulously tested and certified to be safe and reliable


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