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Monthly Archives: August 2020

  1. 5 Reasons Buying Refurbished Medical Equipment is Better

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  2. Suggestions to buy used medical, test, lab equipment etc.

    Medical or precision equipment is costly, making it hard for organizations with less budget to obtain high-quality equipment for their use.

    If you are looking to buy used medical equipment, you should consider certain factors before considering a purchase.

    Items condition: Before even considering putting an offer, we advise you to ensure that the item is in good working condition and the seller lists all important details.

    Always factor the time and cost of repairs in your decision to buy a piece of used medical equipment.

    Can you harvest the parts to repair existing equipment since often used equipment parts can keep an existing piece of equipment functioning well for many years to come?
  3. Need Used Medical Equipment? Here are the Top Manufacturers to Look For

    We strive to provide the best surplus electronic equipment—all the while prioritizing reuse over recycling and keeping as many old electronics out of landfills as possible. To learn more about us, call our sales team at (510) 226-0600 or email us at
  4. Beginner's Guide to Buying Refurbished Medical Equipment on Excessbid

    If you are looking to buy used medical equipment, you should consider certain factors before considering a purchase.
  5. How to Buy Used Computer Parts Like a Boss

    This helpful guide is aimed at helping you make the smart choices that lead to you getting the best deal on the parts you want and need. So, without further ado, here are our primary tips for being successful with your first computer build project.
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    Join the wave and purchase refurbrished products. Recent study shows real value in the used and refubrished market.
  7. Why Forcing Manufacturers to Make Reusable Electronics Is a Good Thing for Consumers | ExcessBid

    New California Bill sheds light on a bright new start for consumers of used products.
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    The benefits of using used recycled parts.
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    Save money and purchase a used cell phone today!
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    Why should you consider a used cell phone over a new cell phone?